OASE Fashion Watch VF1, Stylish Smartwatch at an Affordable Price

OASE Fashion Watch VF1

Now more and more people are using smartwatches. Helping users to maintain a healthy body with various health features. One of the most widely used smartwatches is the Apple Watch. However, not everyone can have a smartwatch because of the high price. Therefore, OASE saw this opportunity and launched a smartwatch at an affordable price. OASE Fashion Watch VF1 is here to meet the wants and needs of consumers.


OASE Fashion Watch VF1..

This smartwatch is not only sophisticated but also has an elegant and stylish design. According to Anthoni Roderick, Public Relations of OASE, this smartwatch provides a new choice for consumers who are also concerned with fashion. Because this time OASE presents a smartwatch with a more elegant body appearance. There are two strap options, black and pink. Although the price is affordable, it doesn’t mean it will look cheap.

Specifications & Features OASE Fashion Watch VF1

OASE Fashion Watch VF1.

This smartwatch has a colorful touch screen display measuring 1.6 inches with a silver zinc alloy body in the shape of a 12mm square. At the bottom, there is an optical sensor. Equipped with one button and two choices of TPU silicone straps that are not easy to stick.

But unfortunately, this smartwatch does not use the Wear OS operating system from Google, so it is not free to download applications. Even so, OASE Fashion Watch VF1 has provided more than 70 watch face options that can be adjusted according to the fashion look you want. This smartwatch also supports real-time health monitoring such as heart rate, number of steps, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality. All of these features are integrated in a supporting application called Da Fit via a smartphone.

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For those of you who like to exercise, this smartwatch already has an IP67 certification which means this smartwatch is water-resistant. This smartwatch also supports several fitness tracking that is capable of generating sports pedometer data (number of calories, exercise time, and distance traveled) for various types of sports such as walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming.


Comes with a battery capacity of this clock is also quite large, which is 200 mAh. able to last up to one week for complete use and a standby duration of 20 days. While the charging time requires at least 2 hours. Interested in buying it? The OASE Fashion Watch VF1 retails for $31.52.

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