Nothing Ear (stick) Has a Unique Design

Nothing Ear Stick

After releasing its first TWS, Nothing Ear 1, Now Nothing has announced that it will soon be releasing its second generation of TWS. The TWS is named Nothing Ear (stick). This TWS will be officially present in the global market in the near future. The announcement was confirmed directly by Nothing.

TWS itself was previously introduced in the annual performance of “London Fashion Week” last week. This device was exhibited along with a collection of clothing from renowned designer, Chet Lo. Both work together on the same principle, based on innovation, passion, and instinct. Through its official Twitter account, Nothing announced that the Ear (stick) will be released in the global and Indian markets on October 26, 2022.


Nothing Ear Stick
Source: Nothing

The Ear (stick) will come with a cylindrical charging case. Includes case which has a semi-transparent rotating cover. In addition, the bottom of the case is white, while one corner of the case has a red layer on it. Nothing says that the case is inspired by a classic cosmetic silhouette that is safe and designed in a compact form. This allows users to easily put it in their pockets.

This TWS adopts the same semi-transparent design. However, the company doesn’t hide the design of its earbuds. However, the company says that its earbud uses a half-in-ear design. Also, it provides high comfort and great sound.

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Nothing Ear (stick) Specifications

London Fashion Week Nothing ear stick
Source: Nothing

Ahead of its launch, the specifics of this TWS still cannot be known. If you refer to the official product page, it is stated that this TWS is designed to be more ergonomic. Capable of delivering the best audio quality with custom sound technology. In the video uploaded to the Instagram account of one of the fashion designers, you can see the mechanism for opening and closing the case. The mechanism is to rotate it, instead of opening the lid like the previous generation.

In addition, the Ear Battery (stick) is claimed to last up to 34 hours of use with the case or 5.7 hours of single-use. However, this information is just a rumor and it is not known whether the ANC is active or not. There is a possibility that the specifications will be similar to the Nothing Ear 1 because the design of the earbuds still looks exactly the same. We’ll just have to wait for the confirmation on the launch day.

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