Nokia Lite Earbuds & Nokia Wired Buds

Nokia Lite Earbuds & Nokia wired buds

HMD Global still hasn’t decided to release their flagship smartphone until now. However, they have added a line of accessories that focus on the audio sector. They released Nokia Lite Earbuds and Nokia Wired Buds.

For information, Nokia branded audio accessories are produced by two different manufacturers. Apart from HMD itself, also from a third party called RichGo. The two latest Nokia earphones were released at an affordable price. Nokia Lite Earbuds are TWS earphones with standard features. While the Wired Buds are here for consumers who only want quality wired earphones.

Nokia Lite Earbuds

Nokia Lite Earbuds

The outer appearance of the TWS is slightly similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus, with a battery indicator light on the front. Comes with two color choices and designs that are quite standard and quite large. The bottom of the earbuds resembles classic AirPods. The design of the earbuds has a large Nokia logo printed on it. The exterior supports touch sensors for song control and incoming phone calls. While the audio driver is 6mm in diameter.

HMD claims that this device can provide studio-level audio quality. Although there is no information regarding the supported codecs. The connectivity itself supports Bluetooth 5.0. As for the battery sector, each earbud can be used to listen to music for up to 6 hours. Charging case 400 mAh can increase endurance up to 30 hours, via the USB-C port.

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Nokia Wired Buds

Nokia Wired Buds

Next, we move on to the Nokia Wired Buds which you can use for various electronics with a 3.5mm audio jack connector. The design is quite minimalist with four color choices including black and blue. The cable design itself is flat with a length of 1.2 meters. Easy for users because it is not easily wrinkled or tangled when stored.

With a diameter of 9,4mm drivers, these earphones are claimed to provide a steady bass. Meanwhile, for phone calls, a built-in microphone has been prepared which can also be used to give voice commands. On the microphone section, there is also a button to control incoming calls more practically, without the need to touch the smartphone. Not many features are presented by HMD for the Nokia Wired Buds. For the price alone, in India, the Nokia Wired Buds retail for INR299 or $4.02. Meanwhile, the Nokia Lite Earbuds retail for INR2,799 or $37.63. With this price, of course, these earphones will compete with earphones in their class.

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