Nikon Z fc: Retro-styled Modern Camera

Nikon Z fc

Today we can feel that technological developments are increasing. Starting from smartphones that are increasingly sophisticated, computers are getting thinner, to a camera. But what if there is a camera with advanced technology but has a retro design. Of course, this can make you feel nostalgic again, but you can still feel the times. Yes, you can get that on a camera called the Nikon Z fc. First launched globally at the end of June 2021. This is a mirrorless camera that has a strong character for those who want to be different.

Modern But Retro

Nikon Z fc.

Horie Masahiro, Managing Director of Nikon Singapore said that it wanted to pay homage to the history of its iconic camera. At the same time to expand its camera line with the latest technology. According to Larry Handra, Director of PT. Alta Nikindo, “The presence of the Nikon Camera Z fc will complete the line of Nikon products. Not only does it look classic and unique, but it is also equipped with advanced technology and camera quality.”

This camera has a design similar to the Nikon FM & FE film camera. The body uses a plastic material with a touch of leather material on the front and around the viewfinder. While the buttons use the aluminum material. Nikon Z fc has several special dials on the upper body to adjust ISO, shutter speed to exposure, complete with a special small screen. While the main screen has dimensions of 3 inches with a resolution of 1040K and an OLED viewfinder 2360k dot.

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Nikon Z fc Supports Eye Autofocus & USB-C

Nikon Z fc..

The sensor used is similar to the Nikon Z50 series, which is a 20.9MP CMOS with Expeed 6 processor, plus a Z lens mount. Capable of taking 11fps (AF) and 9fps (14-bit RAW) photos, and supports 209-point hybrid AF, and eye autofocus for both humans and animals. The maximum ISO can reach 204,800 and recording video supports 4K or 1080p resolution at 120fps. Charging can be done via a modern USB-C port. This port can also be used to use a Nikon camera Z fc as a webcam. With a battery that can capture 300 photos.

For information, the Nikon Z fc has just been inaugurated in Indonesia. Although Nikon Indonesia officially said goodbye at the end of last year. But that doesn’t mean that Nikon stops bringing its newest product to Indonesia. For its first sale in Indonesia, this camera only comes in one color variant, namely black with silver accents. The other six colors will arrive at the end of 2021. For the price alone, this camera comes in two different packages. The purchase of a body-only Nikonunit Z fc retails for $974.53. Meanwhile, a package with a 16-50mm kit lens sells for $1114.75.


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