Motorola Frontier Will Have a 200MP Resolution Camera?

Motorola Frontier

Motorola is currently allegedly preparing a new flagship smartphone. Rumor has it, this smartphone has tough specifications. After releasing the Edge series some time ago, now a photo of Motorola Frontier appears. Has the highest camera resolution among other smartphones today.

Rumors about a new Motorola smartphone with a high-resolution camera have been around for a while. But based on the rumors this time around, the numbers are a little different. If previously mentioned a resolution of 194MP, this time it is higher, namely 200MP. It could be, the previous rumor is a catch from the sensor in a certain ratio, aka the effective portion that can actually be used when shooting.

Motorola Frontier Camera Module Very Large

Motorola Frontier

Based on the photo uploaded by the Weibo social media user above, three Motorola Frontier rear camera sensors can be seen. When compared to the width of the body, the camera module can be said to be very large. While the Motorola logo is made flat without a hollow inward.

It has a square design, each sensor and LED light are separated by a line. On the camera module, there is an inscription that confirms the superiority of the main camera. Especially if it doesn’t support 200MP camera resolution. Don’t forget the words “HP1” which identify the use of the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor. The sensor is supported by OIS and f/2.2 aperture. While the other two sensors are 50MP ultra-wide-angle and 12MP telephoto. For the main sensor, Samsung designed it quite flexible in terms of image capture.

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Going to Use a Special Chipset?

Motorola Frontier

The Samsung HP1 used by this smartphone is supported by a remosaic algorithm based on deep learning. This sensor can do 2×2 pixel binning, producing a 50MP resolution with an individual pixel size of 1.28um. In this mode, the camera can produce videos in 8K 30fps resolution. Whereas in 4×4 binning mode, 16 individual pixels are combined into one to produce a 12.5MP image with a pixel dimension of 2.56um. High light capture is combined with a number of other technologies. Call it Smart-ISO Pro, Double Super PD, and Staggered HDR.

In addition to the camera, this smartphone is rumored to be carrying a 6.67-inch pOLED screen with a 144Hz refresh rate. It has 3D curves on the left and right sides. This smartphone will also use a special chipset, namely the Plus and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 variants. For the battery, this smartphone will use a 4,500 mAh battery. The Motorola Frontier is also equipped with a 125W charging adapter and supports wireless fast charging up to 50W.

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