Microsoft and The US Army Collaborate on Making AR Headsets

Microsoft and United Army

Allreviewgadget – Microsoft and the US Army have signed a contract to make the Hololens Augmented Reality headset. More than 120,000 headsets worth $21.88 billion will be produced. Quoted from CNBC, Microsoft won a military contract worth $22 billion for a duration of 10 years. Following a contract that Microsoft will receive to deliver an Army prototype of a $480 million Integrated Visual Augmented System (IVAS).

The Hololens standard edition, allows one to see a holographic view of the environment they are looking at. They can also interact with only hand movements and sounds. Previously, an IVAS prototype was tested in 2019. The prototype can display a map, a compass, and a thermal imaging camera. This allows soldiers to battle and train in a single system. AR headsets can help soldiers target enemies.

Alex Kipman, the man behind the success of Hololens, said “The IVAS headset, based on Hololens coupled with the Microsoft Azure cloud service, is able to provide a platform that will make soldiers safer and make their movements more effective”.

Several Microsoft Employees Rejected This Cooperation


The cooperation contract made Microsoft the top technology supplier to the US military. In 2019, Microsoft was awarded a contract to provide cloud services to the Department of Defense, beating out Amazon. Amazon, by then had made a $10 billion contract bid in federal court.

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However, there are some employees who reject this cooperation. “We do not sign up for weapons development, and we demand opinions on how our work is used,” wrote an employee in an open letter regarding the Hololens contract.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, gave his defense regarding the AR headset project. He explained to protect the freedom he had. The company cannot withstand the technology that has been agreed upon from an institution that has become a partner of cooperation.

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