Meet Sony Float Run! Special Runner Earphones

Float Run

Sony has been releasing various wireless earphones for a long time. Apart from casual users, there are also special earphones for athletes. This time, Sony released the latest off-ear earphones specifically for runners, namely the Sony Float Run.

As the name implies, these earphones are specially designed for runners and athletes. In order to prove its durability, Sony even sells a Walkman in a water bottle. The device, which is a combination of wireless earphones and an MP3 player, is then sold through vending machines in fitness centers and public swimming pools.

Float Run Design

Float Run.

Coming with a different design, this isn’t the first time Sony has released an accessory with a unique design. Shown in a combination of black and white for the earpiece. Users do not need to worry about pressure in the ears. In fact, Sony has designed these earphones so that they stay in place no matter how much the user moves.

It has gone through a number of certain tests, where users can use other accessories such as hats and glasses without disturbing the comfort when wearing earphones. Sony Float Run is designed so that users can hear surrounding sounds for safety reasons. So the ANC feature is absent on this device.

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The neckband is also designed to be flexible. It won’t come off because of sweat or friction when running. It is IPX4 certified which ensures that these earphones remain safe even if they are exposed to sweat and rain. The off-ear design is able to eliminate a number of other sounds commonly found in conventional earphones. So that during your activities, you will not hear any type of sound echoes such as the sound of steps, heavy breathing, sounds when chewing, and others.

Long Lasting Battery

Sony Float Run

The weight of these earphones is also light, only 33 grams. This device, which originated from a crowdfunding program, is claimed to be able to provide competitive audio quality. Each earpiece has a 16mm driver dimension. can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0, and supports codec SBC and AAC.

The battery also has a long endurance. Can last up to 10 hours in one use. Charging also uses a USB-C connection. so you can charge it with the same cable as other modern gadgets. Even so, Sony provides a charging cable in the sales package, as well as a pouch. You can buy this earphone officially in mid-April 2023 for US$131.08. During the pre-order period, you will get Soft Flask Hydration as a special benefit for free.

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