Logitech Zone Vibe 100: Lightweight Design & Fast Charging

Logitech Zone Vibe 100

Logitech has just released a wireless headphone called the Logitech Zone Vibe 100. This headset offers comfort with earmuffs consisting of memory foam material. Responding to the needs of modern workers who need quality and style to make work more enjoyable. This device is expected to launch in China soon. This device is expected to launch in China soon.

Logitech Zone Vibe 100 Features

Logitech Zone Vibe 100
Source: Logitech

Comes with three color variants, namely Graphite, Off White, and Rose. This headset will cover the user’s ears so that the user becomes more aware of the sound produced. The features are also quite complete, starting from a noise-canceling microphone, a flip-to-mute microphone, wideband quality audio, and 5-band EQ on LogiTune.

The Zone Vibe 100 provides up to 20 hours of music playback or about 18 hours of talk time on a full battery. In addition, this headset also has fast charging capabilities. Its fast charging capability is said to be capable of producing one hour of use in just 5 minutes of charging. Using a 40mm driver unit with AAC codec. Claimed to produce deep bass, clear treble, and minimal distortion.

Touch buttons on the device provide easy device navigation and control. Launching from Gizmochina, users can use the LogiTune application to adjust various parameters and equalizers according to taste. This headset supports Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 meters. Can connect to Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS operating systems. In addition, it can also be used in various popular video teleconferencing applications.

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Source: Logitech

Logitech Zone Vibe 100 will be sold in China at a price of 696 Yuan or around US$99.31. There is no further information regarding global availability and pricing for this device. The design is simpler and lighter than most over-the-ear headsets. The device is said to be made of about 25% recycled plastic.

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