Logitech MX Mechanical & Logitech MX Master 3S

Logitech MX Mechanical

Logitech is a company known for quality accessories for computers. In an era where mechanical keyboards are in vogue, two Logitech MX Mechanical series come with an update of the best mice ever. Logitech MX Mechanical is the first mechanical keyed keyboard released by Logitech and also the most premium. This latest series comes with a focus on content creators and those who want high productivity.

Previously, Logitech had released MX Keys and MX Keys Mini which were designed with the same philosophy in mind. However, unlike the MX Mechanical and Mechanical Mini, the buttons are low and without satisfactory tactile. This is because Logitech is focused on design, portability, and the ease of typing quickly without sound.

Logitech MX Mechanical, Premium Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech MX Mechanical
Source: Logitech

In class, MX Mechanical is not present as a successor, but as an alternative option even though the price is more expensive. Each button uses a Kaihl Choc V2 switch, with three different button styles to choose from. The three styles include, brown for high silence, blue for maximum click feel, and red which is more linear.

The keycap has two colors but remains neutral because it is designed to be unobtrusive for in-office use. With 45% recycled plastic, the travel distance on this keyboard is 19mm. The standard variant has all the necessary buttons. While the mini variant option omits the numpad for better dimensions and portability. This keyboard can also be paired with the Logi Options+ software, where you can set custom shortcuts, pre-installed devices, and backlit lighting effects.

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MX Mechanical has a special sensor so that the lights can turn on automatically when your hand is close to the keyboard. This keyboard has a battery life of up to 10 months or 15 days with the backlight automatically turning on. Charging can be done via USB-C, while its use can be done wirelessly via Bluetooth, or a USB adapter. Logitech MX Mechanical and Mini versions retail for $169 and $149 respectively.

MX Master 3S Suitable For 8K Monitors

Logitech MX Master 3S

In addition to the mechanical keyboard, Logitech has also released the Logitech MX Master 3S. This mouse is the successor to the MX Master 3 version on the market. The difference lies behind the buttons and sensors that are supported. Having twice the ability, this mouse supports optical sensors up to 8,000 DPI that can be used on various surfaces such as glass. In addition, it can be moved more responsively with 4K to 8K monitors.

Not only that, the click button is also designed to be 90% quieter than the previous generation, while having the same level of precision. The rest remains the same, such as the scrolling technology of up to 1,000 lines in one second, plus the side scroll wheel. The MX Master 3S will retail for $96.29.

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