Logitech MX Keys Review: Premium Low Profile Keyboard From Logitech

Logitech MX Keys

This time Logitech has released one of their newest products. Their new product is a keyboard called Logitech MX Keys. MX keys are not that new, first released globally in 2019. However, this is the first time they have officially brought the keyboard to Indonesia. MX Keys are released to pair with the MX Master 3 mouse. These two devices offer a premium and extremely comfortable productivity experience.


Logitech MX Keys.
Source: Logitech.com

This Keyboard weighs 810 grams. It seems that this heavyweight comes from the material used for the body, namely metal. But this also makes this device look more luxurious. Though not all body parts are made of metal. Some are still made of plastic. But the body of the MX Keys still feels solid. The buttons themselves are made of plastic, but still, feel luxurious. The buttons also feel soft. Has a square-shaped button, but there is a circle in the middle.

This is not a mechanical keyboard. However, that does not mean the button is not comfortable when pressed. The low-profile buttons provide a reflection that feels comfortable when used for typing for a long time. At the top of the keyboard, there is a power button and also a USB-C port for charging. So you don’t have to keep a lot of different cables to charge this keyboard.

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Features & Performance Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys..
Source: Logitech.com

This keyboard has a feature that can turn on the backlight when it detects a hand approaching. This is an interesting and simple feature, but it can save battery. Makes it easier for users to type in dark places without the need to press a key first.

This keyboard can also be connected to multiple devices at once. With the Logitech Flow feature, you can switch between devices easily, including copy-pasting between devices. When paired with an MX Master 3 mouse, you don’t need to attach the two dongles. But just one and save the rest of the USB ports on the PC. MX Keys has a battery that is claimed to last for 10 days with the backlight on and 5 months with the backlight off.

The thing that makes this keyboard feel less comfortable is the absence of height settings. Logitech also does not equip this keyboard with a wrist rest which should increase comfort when using this keyboard.


If you’re looking for a fancy keyboard for productivity purposes, MX Keys is a great choice. Note, MX Keys is not a mechanical keyboard and has low-profile keys. This keyboard is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. Logitech MX Keys retail for $149.06.

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