Logitech MK295 Review: Mouse and Keyboard Combo With Silent Technology

Logitech MK295

One of the things that can help or distract you while working on a PC is noise. Noise at work or at home can interfere with the new creativity you are thinking about. For this reason, Logitech released the Logitech MK295 product. This is a noise-proof mouse and keyboard combo using the latest SilentTouch technology.

This technology helps eliminate the sounds when you type or click your mouse. Do not make a sound that will disturb you or those around you. Curious? Check out the review.

Logitech MK295 Mouse and Keyboard

Comes in a black design, the Logitech MK295 keyboard has a full-size size with a spill-resistant design and SilentTouch technology. The Logitech MK295 keyboard has everything you need. Has an elegant and efficient design. There are 8 convenient shortcuts, plus a complete Numpad that simplifies the data entry and navigation process. It has a durable key switch and strong tilt support, as well as an adjustable keyboard height.

The mouse from Logitech MK295 has a compact design and is comfortable in the hand. Has a contoured shape and easy to carry anywhere. Clicks and pointing are accurate and smooth, on almost any surface. Not to mention the amazing SilentTouch technology that doesn’t produce annoying sounds for you or those around you.

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Logitech MK295 Performance

Logitech MK295 performance

Comes with SilentTouch technology which is an exclusive technology that eliminates more than 90% of keyboard and mouse noise. It has the same silent clicking and typing feel like the world’s best-selling combo.

Thanks to a strong 2.4 GHz wireless connection within a 10m range, your connection will no longer be intermittent and there will be no lags. Your work desk will look tidier with a USB receiver that is so small that it stays stored on your PC / computer.

The Logitech MK295 also has long battery life. The keyboard has a battery life of up to 36 months. While the mouse has a battery life of up to 18 months, accompanied by a switch on/off button that allows you to use it for months. With long battery life, you don’t have to bother and rush to replace the battery from the Logitech MK295.


Logitech MK295 brings nuance and comfort to its users with SilentTouch technology that doesn’t produce sound. Makes you concentrate more at work without disturbing the people around you. Has a long battery life. However, it all comes back to your person, are you a person who likes a mouse and keyboard that produces sound when typing and clicking, or do you prefer a silent mouse and keyboard? If you are interested, the Logitech MK295 is priced at an affordable $39.79.

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