LG Ergo Monitor, Provides Ease of Setup & Convenience

LG Ergo Monitor

LG Electronics introduces the second generation of its Ergo monitor line. The new products are the LG Ergo Dual and the LG Ergo Single, both of which come in QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution. LG Ergo is a special series of PC monitors devoted to providing superior screen benefits for productivity purposes. LG wants to provide comfort through attention to ergonomic factors.

According to Jang Ik-hwan, Senior Vice President of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, the new LG Ergo is prepared to be a sophisticated solution for workspaces that is designed with high flexibility and brings all the latest capabilities. Both of these new monitors offer premium image quality through IPS panels. Bringing the latest features in LG’s premium monitor series.

Advantages of The LG Ergo Monitor

LG Ergo Monitor.

LG provides an increase in adjusting the height setting and rotating the direction of the monitor screen. Provides superiority on various screen displays more easily. At the same time provides comfort to work high even in a standing position. The Ergo Dual monitor is capable of adjusting heights starting from 210 millimeters. While the Ergo Single height settings can be adjusted starting from 130 millimeters.

Both monitors can also rotate in a rotation of up to 335 degrees. These two monitors are able to answer your needs that prioritize the convenience factor and at the same time increase productivity. Pairing two LG Ergo Dual monitor units will provide a great opportunity for users to make the most suitable settings. Users can set one monitor in portrait position and the other monitor in landscape position. Even when pairing these two monitors, users can set them in opposite directions. Ergo Single has a 32-inch widescreen landscape. Making it an ideal offer for those of you who need a wide-span monitor screen with flexibility in settings.

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For installation, these two monitors do not require a special roomy place on the table. The monitor can be attached using an articulating arm that attaches securely to the tabletop. This is thanks to the support of the C-Clamp which has been patented by LG. Allows the monitor to be practically attached using slim and strong grommets. Even more special, both monitors can charge laptops via USB-C One Cable Solution. What’s more, is the Ergo Dual which also allows the display to daisy chain via DisplayPort.

For information about when these two monitors will enter the market, LG said it will soon do marketing for both. Both monitors will be available in key markets around the world starting at the end of October.

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