Leaked Google Pixel Watch, Released in 2022

Google Pixel Watch

Now various types of smartwatches continue to emerge. More and more people are using smartwatches. Whether it’s because they care about health or just for style. One company that does not want to lose to release its own smartwatch is Google. After the release of the Google Pixel, what has yet to be realized is the Google Pixel Watch. Although rumors of his own presence have started to appear for months.

Indeed, the development of smartwatches with the WearOS operating system seems slow. Until now, only the latest Samsung smartwatch runs WearOS 3. And even then, with a special interface that is the result of a collaboration between Google and Samsung, namely One UI used on smartphones.

Rumors of a Stronger Presence

Google Pixel Watch

Recently, a leaked marketing photo of Google’s own smartwatch has emerged which is rumored to be called the Google Pixel Watch. This leak was uploaded by Jon Prosser. In the video upload, it can be seen that Google has prepared advertising materials for products that have not been released to date. even the first leak from Jon himself has been made since last April. Even though it’s been a long time, rumors of the presence of the Google Pixel Watch are now getting stronger. Business Insider also said that Google was preparing the device, after regaining the ambition to release a smartwatch and competing directly with the Apple Watch.

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Google’s latest smartwatch design looks very futuristic. It has a rounded design and is dominated by the screen completely. Even the sides are also part of the screen. However, with the presence of the Apple Watch Series 7 which has a thin bezel screen, of course, there is a possibility that later Google will also adopt similar technology. While the button on the device there is only one, located on the right. It has not been stated whether it is just a button or a digital crown that can be rotated.

Google Pixel Watch Using a Custom Chipset from Samsung

Google Pixel Watch

There is no further information regarding the specifications of this smartwatch. However, Max Weinbach said that Google’s first smartwatch will bring its own SoC design, similar to the Google Pixel 6 series. But do not make it yourself, because it will be produced by Samsung. A very reasonable situation, considering the cooperation between the two parties. So there is a possibility that the Google Pixel Watch will later use a custom version of the Exynos W920 on the Galaxy Watch 4. The Google Pixel Watch is rumored to be released in mid-2022.

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