KESAN Application, Accompanying Muslims In The Month Of Ramadan

KESAN application.

Allreviewgadget – KESAN is an Islamic application that will accompany your month of Ramadan. This application can remind you of worship and help you get Islamic information. This application is made by Indonesian children. It has complete and free features, of course. You will also not find advertisements in this application because it is designed to be free of advertisements.

KESAN Application Has Complete Features

KESAN application

This month of Ramadan is the right moment with the presence of the application KESAN. Applications that can be installed on this smartphone are of course very useful. Hamdan Hamedan, CEO of the application KESAN, said that seven main features have been prepared to support Ramadan worship. Starting from the Al-Quran mushaf tajwid with interpretations, hundreds of Ramadan prayers, online studies, to marketplaces that sell halal products.

There is also a unique feature, the Kindness Alarm. If this feature is activated, users will get a notification to be reminded to do the positive practice. It can be in the form of the five daily prayers, duha prayer, tadarus, midnight prayer, and so on. For those of you who want to read Al-Quran, there is Al-Quran 30 Juz complete with translation. Another interesting thing, every 9 am, there will be a “hikmah hari ini” which contains quotes from authentic hadiths, quotes from scholars, or verses of the Quran that can be shared.

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If you feel that the existing features are still incomplete, in the future there will still be some features that will be present in the application KESAN. One of them is the feature ā€¯Tanya Kiai”. Through this feature, you can ask directly about Islam online.

To date, this application has been downloaded more than 350 thousand times, both from within and from abroad. You can get the application KESAN through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and through the official website at

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