Jabra PanaCast 50, Smart Camera for Hybrid Working

Jabra PanaCast 50

This time, Jabra launched a new smart camera product called Jabra PanaCast 50. Able to provide a new experience in working during this pandemic. Equipped with various immersive features that are capable of producing 4K picture quality and clear sound. The Jabra PanaCast 50 has AI technology.

The Advantages of Jabra PanaCast 50

This camera allows users in meeting rooms to feel like they have a reliable event organizer operator. With The Virtual Director feature, this camera can adapt to various changing situations that occur during a meeting.

The three 13MP cameras that have a 180-degree viewing angle on this camera have an intelligent algorithm. Able to adjust the lighting to keep it stable with a very wide visual range. Even if the camera is zoomed far or near, the sharpness of the image remains optimal.

Jabra PanaCast 50...

The adaptive video feature deftly decides the right way to combine live video streams even with low latency. All participants can access the whiteboard feature which is displayed in real-time. The Camera is PanaCast 50 able to anonymously count the number of meeting participants via a metadata sensor. This feature can also as a reminder for meeting organizers if the meeting room has exceeded the capacity limit.

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With the Network Interface feature, this camera can process analytical data on meeting room usage. The activity log of camera device activation and meeting room usage will make it easier for users to arrange meeting schedules. Equipped with 4K panoramic quality with high-definition real-time video integration features that have become the characteristics of Jabra camera products. This allows remote meeting participants to follow the discussion with an engaging and uninterrupted experience.

For the audio sector, this camera has 8 beamforming microphones with precise sound detection. Powered by intelligent algorithms to eliminate ambient noise. This camera has 4 speakers, each consisting of two 50 nm woofers and two 20nm tweeters. Capable of producing room-filling, vibration-free stereo sound with premium, high-definition audio. The camera is also compatible with all virtual meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams Zoom and Google Meet. And for the price, the PanaCast 50 retails for $1978.15.


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