Is This The Design of Samsung Galaxy S23?

Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung is designing its latest smartphone at the moment. Various leaks related to the Samsung Galaxy S23 continue to emerge. But this one is the latest leak about the design of the flagship smartphone. The leaked design was delivered by the famous leaker, Ice Universe.

Ice Universe has just shared a photo of the sighting of the Galaxy S23 in its latest post. However, he did not confirm whether the photo is actually the display of the smartphone. The photo posted is a smartphone that has three rear cameras. It can be seen that the smartphone uses glass material on the back. It can be seen from the glossy body.

And it turns out, if it’s the Samsung Galaxy S23, not everyone likes the design of the device. One Twitter user commented that the device looks like a low-end Samsung phone. “Looks like a low-end Samsung phone. I’ve seen phones for less than US$300 that look better than those renders.” Write the account @sodensix. Meanwhile, another account named @WarApple5 rated the phone as similar to the Samsung Galaxy M13 which is a low-end phone for US$150. There are also those who say that Samsung should keep the design of the Galaxy S22. But not a few also like the design.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Will Use a Chipset from Qualcomm?

Regardless of whether the photo is really the Galaxy S23 or not. Previously Ice Universe also revealed that Samsung will use the chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon in full. This is different from Samsung’s tradition of distinguishing two market segments with two chipsets, namely Snapdragon and Exynos.

The tweet refers to a statement by Akash Palkhiwala, CEO of Qualcomm. He mentioned that the company’s revenue will increase strongly in the first quarter of 2023. If linked, this period coincides with the first month of sales for the Galaxy S23.

Moreover, the statement that Qualcomm has moved from 75% SoC share to global share. This implies that all Galaxy Series models will now come with Qualcomm chipsets. Ok, that’s the leak regarding the latest smartphone from Samsung. What do you think? Do you also like the smartphone design?

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