iPhone X Suddenly Exploded In His Pants Pockets, Apple Is Sued?

iPhone incident

allreviewgadget.com – An Australian man named Robert De Rose has filed a lawsuit against Apple. This is because his iPhone X suddenly exploded in his pocket. The exploded iPhone caused Robert to receive burns to his leg. According to reports, the incident that happened to Robert actually happened in 2019. However, because he felt that Apple did not take the incident seriously, Robert chose the legal route.

How Did That Incident Happen?

According to a report by Australian media 7News, Robert was sitting in an office chair and his cellphone in his trouser pocket. Suddenly he heard a hissing sound and began to feel pain in his right leg. Then he realized that it was from the iPhone X in his trouser pocket. When Robert took the iPhone X out of his pants, it turned out that his cellphone was already charred and was emitting black smoke.

After the incident, Robert immediately reported the incident to Apple, but he did not receive a serious response. Therefore, Robert decided to seek compensation and warn people about the dangers of the iPhone.

Until now, there is still no further information regarding Robert’s lawsuit against Apple. However, this incident has added to the list of Apple devices that exploded suddenly. One of them is Tony Carbone of Carbone Lawyers in Australia who recently represented a man whose wrist was burned because of the Apple Watch.

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The causes of incidents like this should try to be traced back. The use of unauthorized components is a major factor in incidents like this. It’s clearly written, “the battery has the potential to catch fire. Do not disassemble, puncture, crush, heat, or incinerate. Only authorized service providers ”.

Responding to the above incident, an Apple spokesperson said that the company takes customer safety very seriously and has confirmed that both complaints are being investigated.

Source: Tek.id, 7News

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