iPhone SE 3 Will Be Similar to iPhone 11?

iPhone SE 3.

After the second-generation iPhone SE was criticized for not being new in terms of design. Now it looks like Apple is trying to make its third-generation SE smartphone a little more revolutionary. iPhone SE 3 seems to be the beginning of a change from the design side compared to its predecessor.

The iPhone SE, which was launched in 2017, is indeed too identical to the iPhone 8. There is almost no difference in the design of the two smartphones. Although the specifications are similar to the iPhone 11. It is surprising, with the big-name Apple, especially in terms of its design, which has succeeded in creating a device with a cool design, the Apple SE is actually a recycled product.

However, there is a recent rumor that the third generation which does not yet have an official name will have a different design. This rumor comes from Twitter account leaker @dylandkt who says that this smartphone is similar to the iPhone 11. “The iPhone SE will have the same design as the XR/11 with smaller screen size. The launch was pushed back with an estimate of 2023. For year 22, Apple will release an iPhone SE with 5G with the same specifications and design as the 2020 model, “he tweeted.

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iPhone SE 3 Design Different?

iPhone SE 3.

A year ago, the same account also tweeted about the design of the iPhone SE. In more or less the same sentence. So, the latest tweet this time is an update from last year’s tweet. The latest generation iPhone SE will be equipped with a Touch ID sensor that will be embedded in the power button, similar to the latest iPad. The design of this smartphone is similar to the iPhone 11 but with a smaller size,” he tweeted.

Of course, this contradicts the previous rumors which stated that the iPhone SE 3 did not have a design update. The design will still be similar to the iPhone 8. And what @dylandkt said is the iPhone SE 4 which will be launched in 2024. So, does this mean the iPhone SE 3 is the iPhone SE 2 with 5G added features?

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