iPhone 15 Won’t Have Physical Buttons?

iPhone 15

After the iPhone 14 was released, now rumors about the iPhone 15 are starting to circulate. Apple is rumored to be making drastic changes to the design of the iPhone 15. Even this change is considered radical compared to the previous series. This was revealed by analyst Ming-Chi Ko who said Apple would eliminate the physical power and volume buttons. However, this concept is only applied to the iPhone 15 premium model design.

Instead, Apple is still presenting a solid-state button that doesn’t move via a haptic motor. That way the button doesn’t have a spring effect when you press it. Ming-Chi Ko says “my recent survey shows that the volume and power buttons of the two high-end iPhone 15/2H23 models may adopt solid-state buttons. Similar to the iPhone 7/8/SE2 and 3 front button design to replace the physical button design.

He added that Apple will install Taptic Engines (the company’s brand for haptic motors) on the left and right sides of the iPhone’s internals. Makes the user can still feel the sensation of pressing a physical button. Interestingly, Kuo also mentioned that Android smartphones will also present the same design concept.

iPhone 15 Design Concept

iPhone 15

Kuo claims the design of the iPhone 15 is indeed quite strange. However, there is no denying the possibility of its application. This is because haptic motors are not Apple’s new toy. The company has been implementing it on the touchpad on MacBooks since 2015. In addition, this technology was introduced under the name 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S. but it fails because it’s not very intuitive.

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This is almost similar to the anonymous ShrimpApplePro account that leaks the codename. Through his Twitter account, he claims the iPhone without physical buttons has the codename “Bongo”. Apart from leaks regarding the design, this latest iPhone will also not use the name “Pro Max”. reportedly, the name of this type of iPhone for the latest generation will use the name “Ultra” with a chassis made of titanium.

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