iPad Pro 2022 Will Be Apple’s First Product Using a 3nm Chipset?

iPad Pro

Apple currently has pretty big plans with TSMC. Both are currently focusing on developing chipsets with the fabrication of 3nm that will be used in Apple’s latest devices. Recently there was a report from Nikkei which stated that the iPad Pro released in 2022 will use the 3nm chipset.

This will be a major improvement presented in the iPad Pro in 2022. In this year alone, Apple has presented the tablet with the M1 chipset which is usually used in MacBooks.

As for the iPhone, it is stated that the 3nm chipset will only be used in the iPhone output in 2023. Because for the iPhone 14, Apple will still use the 4nm chipset which has indeed brought an increase from the 5nm chipset used in the iPhone 12.

However, it is not known for sure why Apple prioritized the 3nm chipset to be presented on the iPad Pro first rather than the iPhone. Usually, Apple presents a new technology that they create first on the iPhone and then on the iPad. For example, LiDAR technology was first present on the iPhone and later on the iPad Pro.

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