Instax Mini Evo, Retro Design Camera With Modern Features

Instax Mini Evo

Although today many people can take photos from smartphones, there are still many people who like retro cameras that can print their catches on physical paper. Therefore, Fujifilm released the Instax Mini Evo which has a retro design but has modern features.

The Instax series is indeed quite popular, although the results may not be as good as smartphone cameras. But the prints from Instax cameras have their own value. The prints can be stored in the corners of the room as a memento or beautify the room.

The Instax series itself is released in many types of prices, and the Instax Mini Evo is the latest flagship series. Carrying classic designs and combinations of up to 100 effects to choose from. This camera is quite compact with a weight of fewer than 300 grams and can print photos directly.

Instax Mini Evo Specifications

Instax Mini Evo

In addition to the power button, there is a Lens Dial for changing lens effects, plus a Film Dial, each of which provides a choice of 10 effects. In total, this camera can provide a combination of 100 different effects. Then there is a Print Lever to issue printing paper. The camera sensor measures 1/5 inch with a maximum resolution of 5MP and the diaphragm is quite wide at f/2.0. its autofocus distance is from 10 cm to infinity. It has automatic shutter speed and ISO, so you don’t have to worry about under or over-exposure.

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The camera’s built-in flash is claimed to be effective for a distance of 1.5 meters. While the timer on this camera can be set from 2 seconds to 10 seconds. On the back is a 3 inch TFT screen. There is also a small mirror near the camera lens which is useful for those of you who want to take selfies. The internal memory in this camera is enough to store about 45 photos. If each is lacking, the microSD card slot can store up to 850 photos per 1TB.

Can Send Images from & to Smartphones

Instax Mini Evo.

With the support of wireless connectivity, you can connect this camera to a smartphone via a special application. You can also print photos captured from your smartphone to the camera for immediate printing. It took about 17 seconds to print photos directly from the Instax Mini Evo. While the battery itself is capable of printing up to 100 photos and can be charged via a micro USB cable with a charging time of about 2 to 3 hours.

The Instax Mini Evo will go on sale in February 2022 for around $200. In addition to the camera, Fujifilm has also launched the latest instant film Instax Mini Stone Gray, which retails for $15 (10 sheets).

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