Huawei Band 4e Review: Unique Smartband from Huawei

Huawei Band 4e

Currently, many smartbands have emerged. Has features that help in your daily activities. Smartband can be your personal assistant and help you in living a healthy life. In order to meet these needs, Huawei is now releasing its new smartband called the Huawei Band 4e.

Maybe the shape looks the same as the other smartbands. However, the Huawei Band 4e has its own unique features. This smartband can not only be used on the wrist but can also be attached to the surface of your shoe. Curious? see the review.


Comes with a design that looks the same as other smartbands. Suitable for both men and women. The device is made of polycarbonate plastic and the strap is made of rubber. But there are also other variants made from fabrics. It has a length of 40.5 mm, a width of 14.8 mm and a thickness of 11.2 mm. the weight of this smartband is about 6 grams. It comes in two color variants, Graphite Black and Mineral Red. Has one capacitance home button.

Screen & Battery

Huawei Band 4e designThe screen of the Huawei Band 4e uses PMOLED technology which supports swipe and touch gestures. The screen itself has a size of 0.5 inch with a resolution of 48 x 88 pixels. This smartband screen cannot display the contents of the notification that comes from your smartphone. This smartband can only display certain information such as calories burned, a number of steps taken, and so on. To move from one feature to another, you need to press the button at the bottom of the screen. Press once to move the menu and hold to select the menu. Huawei claims that this smartband can last up to 14 days with regular use. Huawei also provides a special module that must be plugged into the cradle which is then plugged into the USB-A port.

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Performance & Features

Huawei Band 4e performanceHuawei Band 4e seems specifically for those of you who like sports, especially basketball and cycling. Therefore, this smartband can be attached to your shoelaces. By utilizing a gyroscope sensor and a 6-way accelerometer, this smartband can provide more complete information on sports activities such as landing impacts, ground contact time, cadence, and others. Huawei Band 4e also collaborates with a professional research institute, CISS (China Institute of Sport Science), which allows the Huawei Band 4e to provide detailed running analysis and advice, so you can increase your running efficiency and reduce the incidence of injuries while running.

For those of you who like cycling, the Huawei Band 4e uses a sophisticated motion sensor to accurately record your cycling cadence which helps you keep pedaling at a steady pace and also reduces the risk of joint injuries. Meanwhile, for those of you who like to play basketball, Huawei Band 4e provides detailed data about your game such as vertical jump data, height and hang time, and tracks basic movement statistics, including speed, distance, steps, and more. You can see everything in the Huawei Health application.

Huawei Band 4e is equipped with a 5ATM waterproof feature, so you can still use it while swimming. As for other features that can help your healthy life, such as steps, distance, calories, moderate to high intensity, achievement reminder, single workout distance, single workout time, activity reminder, stand reminder, sleep time, alarm, message reminder, incoming call notification, and find my phone.

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Huawei Band 4e is perfect for those of you who like to exercise, especially basketball, cycling and running. This is a unique smartband that you can wear not only on the wrist but also on your shoelaces. The Huawei Band 4e is selling for the very affordable $ 24.91.

 Huawei Band 4e Specification :

Huawei Band 4e

Screen 0,5 inch PMOLED
Weight 6 gram
Color Graphite Black & Mineral Red
Sensor Accelerometer sensor & Gyroscope sensor
Water Resistance 5ATM
System Requirements Android 4.4 or newer

iOS 9.0 or newer


Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2
Battery 14 days for regular use will always give you something update about gadgets, like smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. We hope you enjoy our review about gadgets. thank you for your support and your comment.


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