How to Update iOS 16 for iPhone 8 and Above

iOS 16

Apple has officially released its newest iPhone series which has better specifications. Of course, it will run the latest iOS version later. For older iPhone users, here’s how to update iOS 16 so you don’t miss it.

Apple has announced a new iOS that is coming to a number of iPhones. Of course, not everyone running iOS 15 can go up and apply the iOS 16 update method. However, at least there are some series that can still be updated to iOS 16. Being a big enough update, there are several ways you can apply. Starting from a smartphone directly or using the help of a laptop.

Update iOS 16 via OTA

iOS 16

This is one of the most practical ways that you can apply. The easiest way is direct via smartphone. There are three “main requirements” that you must have, namely sufficient memory, sufficient battery, and a stable internet connection. Considering this is a major update, it is necessary to download up to 5GB or more.

The size of the capacity depends on your iPhone series. If the three “conditions” have been met, you can go directly to the Settings menu – General – Software Update. Then if it appears, just download and install it. Of course, the update process will take a long time. Make sure your iPhone doesn’t run out of battery during the update.

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Through iTunes

iOS 16

Another way is to use a computer, namely through iTunes. Connect your iPhone using a data cable, wait for it to appear, and be detected in iTunes. Next, click the “Device” button with the iPhone logo on the top left and select the “Check for Update” button.

The difference is, that the download process will be done by a computer, unlike the method via OTA. Through iTunes, you can also upgrade to the iOS version as well as restore, aka delete all data. For this one, just select “Restore iPhone”. The iTunes method also allows you to download iOS first via sites like Make sure you have done the backup process first just in case the update process is problematic.

Compatible iPhone Series with iOS 16

Hmm… Which iPhone series are getting the update? Unfortunately, for you iPhone 7 users, you can’t get the update anymore. Naturally, the iPhone series has been around since 2016. The update period has exceeded most Android series. Only the iPhone 8 series and above can get the update, as well as the last two generations of the iPhone SE, not the first one.

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