How to Take Good Photos with Android Smartphones

How to take good photos with Android Smartphones.

Nowadays, smartphones already have good cameras. Even the camera is one of the considerations of consumers when buying a smartphone. Android smartphones today really support you to become a photographer. Designed with a capable camera resolution. If you understand how to take good photos with only an Android smartphone, you can produce good and almost professional photos. So how do you get good quality photos using only an Android smartphone? Here are some ways to take good photos using only an Android smartphone.

1. Using Light Assistance

One of the simplest things is to consider the direction of the light when you want to photograph an object. Light or sunlight is very helpful to make objects look nicer and more attractive. It would be better if the light comes from behind the object you want to photograph. The resulting light reflection will add to the beauty of your photos. So, you have to be sensitive to the light around the object.

2. Find Focus

Resolution is one of the obstacles when shooting using Android. When you use the zoom feature, the resolution will tend to decrease. A good way to get focused on the object you want to photograph is to use the manual method. By bringing the camera or smartphone screen closer to the object. In this way, the camera resolution will not be reduced, so you can get maximum results.

3. Stabilize Hands

How to take good photos with Android Smartphones.

Apart from choosing a smartphone with good camera features, you also have to stabilize your hands when shooting. If your hands are shaking, then the photos will tend to be unclear or blurry. It would be better if you use a cell phone camera tripod. A tripod will help you maintain the stability of your cell phone. So you can shoot objects more stably and get good results.

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4. Setting The Shutter Speed ​​of The Camera

The next way is to set the shutter speed. This will help you when you want to shoot based on the light absorbed by the camera. You can use the help of the camera application which is widely available on the Google Play Store. After that look for the “Shutter” feature in the application. Next, you have to choose the speed of the camera, for example, 1 second, 3 seconds, or 5 seconds. The longer the shutter speed, the more light the camera will absorb. While the faster the shutter speed, the camera will absorb less light.

5. Setting ISO

This feature is used to adjust the level of sensitivity of the camera lens to light. The higher the ISO, the higher the level of sensitivity of the lens to light and vice versa. If the light around the object is sufficient, then you can set the ISO to a low level. This way you can reduce noise in the photo. Conversely, if the object feels a lack of light, then set the ISO to a higher level. The downside is that you will see a lot of noise in the photo because the higher the ISO, the higher the contrast.

6. Using HDR at The Right Time

When is the right time to turn HDR on or off on an Android smartphone camera? HDR (High Dynamic Range) is used to adjust lighting levels more dynamically. When you activate this feature, the camera will automatically increase the lighting according to the needs and conditions around the object. If you are not proficient in determining the lighting angle, then this feature will be very helpful.

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7. Understanding Composition

How to take good photos with Android Smartphones.

By understanding composition, your photos will look more artistic. There are many compositions that you can apply. For example, you can take a photo by focusing on the unique shape, color, or line around the object so that the result looks stronger and more attractive. On the other hand, you can also display a simple composition. Reduce some elements that would interfere with the beauty of the photo.

8. Caring for Your Smartphone

This is important because, without good care, the camera quality will also decline. You can clean the smartphone with a cloth slowly including the lens. Helps remove dust that sticks to the camera, so you can produce maximum photos. Try not to expose the camera lens to direct sunlight for too long. Doing so will heat up the lens and reduce its performance.

9. Using The Right Android Smartphone

You need to know, not all Android smartphones are right for taking pictures, especially for professional photography. You have to use a good cell phone with camera features that support it so that the results are also maximal. Several types of Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, OPPO Reno 10x Zoom, and Huawei P30 Pro are perfect for producing photos that are equivalent to the results of professional photographers.

How? It turns out that how to take a good photo is not too difficult is it not? You can produce good photos like the work of a professional photographer just by using your Android smartphone. All you need to do is keep learning and keep trying. The more often you take pictures with your smartphone, the more sensitive and expert you will be with the features on your smartphone camera.

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