How to Restore Lost WhatsApp Photos and Media

Restore Lost WhatsApp Photos

Sometimes, important files are actually stored in WhatsApp chats. From schoolwork to important work files. What if the file suddenly disappears just like that. Of course, we will panic because of the missing important files. Unlike Telegram, where all data is stored on its servers, there is no need to perform a backup process. WhatsApp utilizes internal storage as well as cloud services to store chat data. For Android, Google Drive is used, while iOS uses iCloud. You don’t give up first if your photos and media files on WhatsApp are lost. Here are some ways you can try to restore lost WhatsApp photos and media.

Look for Backup Files

Restore Lost WhatsApp Photos..

When you first activate WhatsApp or switch devices, the application will remind you to activate the backup feature. This feature is mandatory for you to activate because it will be useful when situations such as WhatsApp media disappear suddenly. If you have activated the feature, it is easy for you to restore lost WhatsApp photos and media. You can delete the application, then install it and do the login process from the beginning. Later the WhatsApp application will automatically find the backup file and restore everything in full.

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That way, deleted files will come back again. With a note, the files are back in accordance with the last backup time. It would be nice to activate the automatic daily backup feature so that chats that took place in the last 24 hours are automatically backed up.

Search in the Gallery Application

Restore Lost WhatsApp Photos..
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If you accidentally delete a photo or video on WhatsApp, there is still a possibility that the media is still stored locally. You can find it in the WhatsApp Image, Video, and WhatsApp Documents folders on your Android smartphone. It could be that the application is only experiencing a temporary error, so you can try to restart it first. While on iOS it’s a little different. The media will be saved automatically when the feature is activated and will blend with other media in the Photos application.

Check File Manager on Android

For Android users, WhatsApp media files can be found directly through the file manager application. Lost WhatsApp media can happen due to a software update. If you recently did a software update, there is a possibility that the media storage system has changed. So that when you re-open WhatsApp, the photos or media in it are lost.

To overcome this, you can try opening the file manager application, then looking for the WhatsApp folder. Inside there will be 3 folders, namely backups, databases, and media. Move the three folders to Android – media – com.whatsapp, which is the latest directory for storing WhatsApp application data on Android. After successfully moving, you can close the WhatsApp application and reopen it or restart it first. If you have, then the lost photos and media will reappear. However, this method does not apply to iOS devices.

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If the three methods above are still not effective, then the last thing you can do is ask the other person to send back the lost file. Therefore, it is important to immediately activate the data backup feature on a regular basis.

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