Honor Will Present Its First Foldable Smartphone In 2022

Honor Foldable Phone

Foldable screen phones are currently a trend in the gadget world. After Google, Samsung, and Oppo, now it looks like Honor will join them to enliven the foldable smartphone market segment. Released its first foldable smartphone.

Launching a report quoted from Display Supply Chain Consultants, Honor plans to reveal its first foldable smartphone in 2022. It will be called the Honor Magic Fold. This folding screen smartphone will be able to compete with several folding phone models that have been listed for launch later this year. Honor is taking advantage of its new status as an independent entity from Huawei. This means that it can access folding screen technology from suppliers without many restrictions. Visionox and BOE are expected to be suppliers of folding screens that will decorate this device.

There haven’t been many leaks about this folding screen smartphone. Honor also has not made any official statement regarding this matter. Indeed, most of the news remains speculation, including the name “Honor Magic Fold” which is expected to be the name of Honor’s first foldable smartphone.

Honor has indeed continued to innovate after leaving Huawei in 2020. Therefore, the cultivation of this folding screen smartphone is likely to be one of the strategies to increase the company’s development. In addition, Samsung is known to be developing several folding screen technologies. In accordance with the amount that has been secured. The display arm is also well designed to encourage the development of foldable technology. It could be that Honor’s upcoming foldable phone will use that Samsung-made screen.

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