Google Shows off Six New Android Features, Here’s The List…

Google android Faetures

Google just showed a line of new features for its Pixel phones a few days ago. However, now they are back to adding the list of features. The difference is, these six features will be available for all Android phones, not just Pixel.

This is the first time Google has released several new features for Android in an announcement. It seems that it was inspired by the way they showed off a new feature on the Pixel, namely feature drops. Curious what the new features are, here are 6 new Android features:

Android Earthquake Alerts System

Android Earthquake Alerts System

This feature has actually been around for some time. However, this is the first time it is available globally although it is still limited in several countries such as New Zealand, Greece, Turkey, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. For now, Google is prioritizing countries with high earthquake risk.

Bookmarking Messages in Messages

messages on Android

Google Makes it easy for users who want to mark messages to be easily searchable. The trick is to press and hold on to the message you want to mark. Then there is also the “Starred” category where users can search for messages that have been marked.

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Contextual Emoji Kitchen

Contextual Emoji Kitchen

This feature will start appearing in suggestions in the Gboard beta and will make its way to the full version of the keyboard app next summer. Features will be limited to using English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and run Android OS 6 and above. The way it works is by providing emoji suggestions according to the word being typed.

Google Assistant is Getting More Sophisticated

Google Assistant

Can be ordered for certain tasks in an application. The full list of commands supported by Google Assistant can be seen with the “hey Google, shortcuts” command.

Voice Access Can Detect User Eyes

Google Voice Access

For the beta version on Android, it can now detect whether the user is looking at the screen. Users can limit commands that can only be performed while the user is looking at the screen. There is also an input password detection feature. So when this application recognizes a place to enter a password on a page, it will allow users to enter letters, numbers, and symbols in that place.

Android Auto Can Be Customized

Android auto

Users can personalize the launcher screen of the phone and set the dark mode manually. Searching for content is made easier with new tabs in the media app. Then there is the “back to top” option, as well as the “A to Z” button in the scroll bar. Android Auto setup is now a faster process. Google also added a search feature where electric car charging and parking lots. Users can also send direct messages via WhatsApp and Messages.

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