Google Creates COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate On Android

Google Creates COVID-19 Certificate

Google created a new feature for Android. This feature allows users to save COVID-19 vaccine certificates on their cell phones. Initially, this feature will only be available in the United States. Rely on support from healthcare providers, local governments, or other licensed organizations to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

In addition, this feature can also store data on COVID-19 test results. For vaccine information, this system can show when the user received the vaccine and the type of vaccine. Quoted from The Verge, the vaccine data can be stored and obtained from the health service provider’s application or SMS or email received by the user.

When viewed from the description provided by Google, this feature seems similar to the feature in the application “PeduliLindungi” Indonesia. However, it seems that the Google-made feature may not be available in the form of an application, but a built-in Android feature.

Google recommends that users save the shortcut for the certificate on the phone’s home screen. Google also offers the option to save the certificate to the device.

They promise that they will not store the certificate in the cloud. They will not use the information for advertising purposes. However, they also said they would collect some information such as how many times the certificate was used and on what day.

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So far in the United States, in New York and California to be precise, they have implemented their own vaccine certificate system. However, the system from Android made by Google might make the identification process easier. Then having to rely on different applications.


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