Google and Samsung Have a New Collaboration, Pair Wear OS and Tizen


Google has a new collaboration with Samsung, which combines Wear OS with Tizen. Both are platforms for wearable devices, which were announced at the Google I / O 2021 event.

Samsung itself has since years ago made Tizen the foundation for its various devices, including wearables. After joining the name will change to “Wear”, although it may change again later.

This marriage between Wear OS and Tizen will result in a platform that consumes less power, faster waiting times when opening apps, and smoother animations. Developers will also be made easier when developing applications. Because the two big smartwatch platforms merged. This means that they don’t need to build applications for too many platforms.


Google promises a more complete selection of applications and watches faces than before. At least this is what they promised. We just have to wait for the realization. Thus quoted from detikINET and The Verge.

“All device makers will be able to customize the user experience on this platform and developers can also use familiar Android tools to build on one platform and ecosystem,” said Bjorn Kilburn of Wear OS Product & UX at Google.

Samsung has also confirmed that the next Galaxy Watch will be present on this platform. Likewise with Fitbit premium devices, now owned by Google in the future. This next-generation Wear will make it easier for users to do multitasking. Google will also bring Fitbit’s most popular features to the new platform.

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Maps and Assistants also get a new design with enhanced capabilities. Then YouTube Music is scheduled to arrive on Wear at the end of 2021. Complete with smart download features to enjoy music without the need for an internet connection.


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