Galaxy S22 Coming Soon With Ray-Tracing Technology

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22

Samsung will soon launch the next generation of the Galaxy S series in 2022, the Galaxy S22. So far, there haven’t been many rumors regarding the flagship smartphone. However, recent reports hint about the ray tracing technology that might come with it.

This report was confirmed directly by AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su at the Computex 2021 event. Lisa Su said that she would bring her graphics technology to the latest generation of Samsung’s Exynos chipset. This is in line with previous rumors that the Exynos 2200 will come with an AMD GPU.

According to TechRadar, the chipset will certainly be carried by several versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22. Because, apart from providing Exynos processors, devices launched in the United States will likely be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. If true, then there is also a possibility that Qualcomm will make the next Snapdragon mobile processor with ray tracing technology. And with variable level shading capabilities, as announced by AMD.

To bring graphics rendering technology that can produce realistic lighting and reflection effects on smartphone screens. It takes the latest and greatest graphics card in a phone with a very large capacity. If possible, then the Galaxy S22 will be a flagship phone with a different class and the first to have ray tracing.

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The presence of ray tracing capabilities is a very significant improvement from the development of a smartphone chipset. In addition, this is an important feature that can be utilized for future SOC development. AMD’s collaboration with Samsung has been in existence since 2019. This is a very encouraging collaboration. However, so far there are still many things that are not known.


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