Galaxy A32 Enterprise Edition, With the Knox Suite Security System

Galaxy A32 Enterprise Edition.

Samsung re-released the Galaxy A32, but in the form of an Enterprise Edition equipped with the Knox Suite security system. In fact, Samsung has other Galaxy A series with higher specifications such as the A52 and A72. However, Samsung instead chose the Galaxy A32 which had the lowest specifications and the cheapest price. For information, the Galaxy A32 Enterprise Edition is intended for corporate users or purchased by the company for use by its employees. The reason is that this cell phone is equipped with the Knox Suite security feature that allows companies to control and secure important company data in it.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy A32 is considered to have qualified specifications for corporate users. It also has various features to support work activities. “The features on this smartphone if you look at it are already qualified to meet the needs of the company. Like a long-lasting battery,” said Lukman Basuki, IT & Mobile B2B Business Senior Manager at SEIN, in a virtual jump.

Furthermore, Lukman also revealed what companies he thought were suitable for using the Galaxy A32 Enterprise Edition. Namely, companies that need to maintain the security of corporate data, such as companies in the financial, industrial, and government sectors. Samsung promises to update the operating system for this smartphone for the fourth year in a row. Especially for the first three years, the software update is promised every month. While the last year will get an update every three months.

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In addition, the advantage of this smartphone is the exclusive service at the Samsung service center. Where users will get a priority path. Samsung does not sell this smartphone to general consumers. But only for the company. The price is $259.39.

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