Fossil Gen 6, Using Snapdragon 4100+ and Longer Battery

Fossil Gen 6

With more and more smartwatch brands on the market today, fashion brands like Fossil also don’t want to stay silent. Fossil has just announced its newest product called Fossil Gen 6. Yes, luxury watch manufacturers such as Fossil and Michael Kors have just updated their smartwatch line.


Fossil Gen 6..

In terms of design, the appearance of this watch is still the same, where the Fossil gen 6 has seven different designs. Customized to taste and 4 other variants for Michael Kors. Available with a case made of aluminum with a choice of diameters of 42mm and 44mm. Fossil gave this smartwatch an important internal update. That’s because hardware issues and usage are quite serious. Especially in some of the previous Fossil smartwatch series which seemed less durable.

Fossil Gen 6 Specifications

The screen of this smartwatch uses an AMOLED touch screen with a diameter of 1.28 inches. It has a high pixel density of 326 ppi. As for navigating, assisted by three buttons on the right. The center button functions as a digital crown that can be scrolled up and down for navigation without touching the screen.

The main advantage of this smartwatch is the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chipset. Such as providing information that the chipset is equipped with an always-on co-processor. This is a secondary chip that saves power and can provide a more responsive experience. At the same time make the clock battery last longer.

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Fossil Gen 6.

Qualcomm claims that its performance will increase by 85% from the previous series and 25% better power consumption. Not only that, the co-processor can also detect heart rate, number of steps, and provide a richer AOD display so that the screen response turns on more instantaneously.

For durability, smartwatch ii is claimed to be able to turn on for up to 24 hours. If needed, an extended mode can be activated and this smartwatch can last for days. The second improvement is in the charging mechanism. You only need to charge for 30 minutes to reach 80%. Claimed to be twice as fast as the competitor’s flagship series, he said. With a combination of metal material that is integrated into the plastic part and the curve of the body, it prevents the bottom from coming off. Inside is a more accurate heart rate sensor, as well as a sensor for SpO2.


Other specifications include 8GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, microphone, and speaker so that users can pick up the phone directly from the Fossil Gen 6. Other sensors such as GPS, NFC, a compass to altimeter are also available. And has 3ATM certification for water resistance.

The Fossil Gen 6 is priced at $299. But unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until 2022 for this smartwatch to run Wear OS 3. It’s even said to be in its second half, making the Galaxy Watch 4 look like a more modern offering.

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