Fitbit Luxe, The Most Stylish Health Smartband and Thin


Manufacturers from San Francisco, Fitbit has just released a new smartband, the Fitbit Luxe. This is the most stylish smartband they have ever made. Fitbit said that Fitbit Luxe is a tracker for health activities and sports activities that prioritize fashion. It comes in many colors and straps. This smartband is made to fit a wide variety of wearer wrist sizes and skin tones.

The Fitbit Luxe is also the thinnest device Fitbit has ever built. Fitbit Luxe is claimed to be comfortable to use while resting while tracking sleep quality. Comes with three body color choices. The strap material is made from silicone, woven fabric, leather, stainless steel to special models in collaboration with jewelry manufacturer, Gorjana.

Fitbit Luxe Features

Fitbit Luxe.
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Fitbit Luxe is not equipped with buttons at all. You only need body gestures to use this smartband. Although stylish, this smartband is designed with water resistance up to a depth of 50 meters. So, you can still use it while swimming.

Through its AMOLED screen, you can get a lot of information. There is an accelerometer sensor, a heart rate sensor, and a special infrared sensor to monitor oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels in the blood. Although thin and stylish, this smartband still prioritizes health features.

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It’s just that this smartband doesn’t have a built-in GPS sensor. So you have to take the allocation data from your smartphone if you want to record sports routes. Fitbit also provides a special menu, namely Stress Management for user evaluation.

This smartband can also detect variations in skin temperature. You can pair Fitbit Lux with Android and iOS devices. Especially for Android, the Google Fast Pair feature is supported for easy pairing. As for battery life, this smartband can run for up to 5 days of use.

How About The Price?

The Fitbit Luxe retails for around $150. This price includes a 6-month subscription to the Fitbit Premium service for $60. There are lots of sports tutorials on it. As for the additional straps it retails for $30 to $100.

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