Final Version of Project Cambria, New Metaverse Headset

Project Cambria Metaverse

Bradley Lynch, a Youtuber who claims about the final model of Project Cambria in his Twitter tweet. A new headset project from Meta for use in their digital world, Metaverse. Even though it’s still a rumor, there are also other parties who make renderings of the appearance of Cambria. Bradley received information from suppliers for the headset and had a visualization of the final PVP display in a tweet. The model looks much more progressive and minimalist than the current VR headset variant.

Project Cambria

Project Cambria is not a final name yet. Previously, It was called the development code “SeaCliff” and the control was named “Starlet”. It is possible that this headset will have the official name “Oculus Quest Pro” at the time of its release which is estimated to be in 2022.

The name Quest Pro was uttered by Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth at a Q&A in 2021. Its presence is considered to be the answer to Metaverse’s more complex digital needs. It will be less than optimal when using the current product, Oculus Quest 2.

Cambria Specifications

Project Cambria Metaverse

The detailed specifications of Cambria are not yet known. However, if it is true that this product is the development of SeaCliff and Stralet, then a few leaks about it have been disclosed, namely:

  • Dual-Cell LCD Display
  • Has a control named “Starlet” similar to PSVR
  • Laser projection for tracking and guidance control
  • Three sensors on the outside of the headset with 4K 120FPS RGB camera for color and mixed reality
  • Built-in eye-tracking camera 480p 120FPS and two face-tracking 400p 120FPS
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Project Cambria for Mixed Reality

Project Cambria

Virtual Reality from Metaverse is simply amazing. The world of the Metaverse is made bigger, including the use of customizable avatars. However, on the other hand, the full VR concept is considered less suitable, so it is still necessary to include Augmented Reality. Development to combine VR and AR continues to this day, including what was found in Project Cambria.

Meta, as the owner of Oculus, certainly doesn’t want to lose the momentum to immediately release this sophisticated device. And Cambria is considered to be the answer to Meta’s need to combine VR and AR concepts.

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