Facebook Asks Users to “Enable” Tracking on iOS


Facebook hopes that iOS users will allow its services to track them. With the release of iOS 14.5, Apple has introduced a Tracking Transparency feature. This feature will give users the option to decide whether they want the apps they download to track them or not.

Although these options don’t stop tracking completely. However, allowing users to choose these settings is a step that is considered good for Apple regarding user privacy. On the other hand, Facebook hopes that iOS users will allow its services to track them. This was revealed by researcher Ashkan Soltani. He saw Facebook and Instagram displaying pop-up messages to users who have installed iOS 14.5 on their devices.

In the pop-up message, Facebook and Instagram encourage users to enable app tracking for their apps. Basically, it’s to keep Facebook and Instagram services free. It’s as if Facebook is implying that if iOS users keep tracking disabled it is likely that in the future users who use Facebook’s services will pay.

Quoted from detikINET and Ubergizmo, Apple has previously stated that it will ban apps that try to reward users who enable app tracking.

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