Excess Galaxy Watch 4 Series, WearOS Based Smart Watch

Galaxy Watch 4 Series

Samsung presents its latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4 Series. Consists of two variants, namely the Galaxy Watch 4 series and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. With the latest technology to meet the needs and desires of consumers.

Now Samsung is no longer using Tizen OS. Samsung is now using Wear OS developed by Google. However, Samsung did a number of One UI customizations and optimizations. So the mention is not Wear OS by Google, but rather Wear OS Powered by Samsung. This latest Samsung smartwatch makes it easy for users to access more applications with a simple and easy-to-use display. Support a healthy lifestyle with comprehensive health monitoring features. Curious what are the advantages of this smartwatch? See the following review!

1. Fashionable Design

Galaxy Watch 4 Series...

Comes with a slim and lightweight design so that it is comfortable when used all day. The premium design and rotating bezel are a favorite of Galaxy Watch users. Comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes. The 40mm variant is available in Black and Pink Gold. While the 44mm variant comes in Black, Silver, and Green colors. The Bluetooth version is available in Black and Silver color variants. While the LTE version is in Black. There is also a choice of strap and watch face colors that can be changed according to your wishes

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2. Has Samsung BioActive Sensor Technology

Galaxy Watch 4 Series..

Now Samsung presents holistic fitness features, namely the Samsung BioActive Sensor. This technology allows users to monitor their health more completely. Starting from checking heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, electrocardiogram, and monitoring body composition such as water content to body fat.

Galaxy Watch 4 Series is able to monitor sleep quality with improved Sleep Scores accuracy and snoring detection. This results in a higher quality of sleep. You can also run selected sports activities with family or friends by using the Group Challenges feature in the Samsung Health app.

3. Using Exynos W920 Processor 5 nm and 4G LTE

Galaxy Watch

This series uses a 5nm Exynos W920 processor which streamlines processing time. So that scrolling becomes smoother. Equipped with 16GB of internal storage to store more applications.

It has a battery capacity that can accompany you all day with up to 40 hours of power. With the ability to add power up to 10 hours with a charging time of just 30 minutes. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic also comes in an LTE version. Users can enjoy important smartwatch functions without the need to carry a smartphone-like when exercising. Samsung has collaborated with Smartfren, which is one of the eSIM network providers in Indonesia.

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4. Galaxy Watch 4 Wears Wear OS with One UI Watch Interface

Users can now take advantage of more applications to support their daily activities. Users can do morning yoga while listening to music on Spotify, to find their way home with the help of Google Maps. Galaxy Watch 4 uses One UI Watch with a more intuitive display and data syncing that is increasingly integrated into the Galaxy ecosystem. For example, with the new camera control, users can preview photos, control the shutter, and use a timer for the camera. Changing settings or checking battery status can be done from the Galaxy Watch 4 without having to open the smartphone.

The Galaxy Watch 4 retails for $208.08 for the 40mm version and $242.78 for the 44mm version. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic retails for $312.16 for the 42mm Bluetooth version, $346.85 for the 46mm version, and $416.24 for the LTE version.

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