Dyson Zone, First ANC Headphone with Integrated Air Purifier

Dyson Zone

Since the covid-19 pandemic, not a few electronics vendors have released air purifiers. And this time, the vendor that generally releases air purifiers has instead released ANC headphones, namely the Dyson Zone. The display of this device looks very futuristic. In addition to two earcups for each ear, this ANC headphone is also equipped with a visor that covers the lower part of the face. The visor is useful for blowing clean air.

These headphones are still in the prototype stage, although they are already in the final stage. The price itself is classified as premium because Dyson devices always use premium materials. The shape of the fan itself is also unique because it is made without fans or bladeless fans. Can blow air without a visible fan rotating like a conventional tool.

Designed Since 2017

Dyson Zone
Source: Dyson

Based on the image above, the Dyson Zone looks more complex than normal headphones because it features an integrated air purifier. This device itself has been designed since 2017. The design is shown this time has gone through 500 types of previous prototypes.

After experimenting with various designs, including diving gear, the Dyson Zone finally came up with a lower-face cover. This cover does not touch the skin directly. Dyson also provides the option of an additional mask that can be placed between the visors, in accordance with Covid-19 standards. Media like Engadget have tried these headphones and say they feel comfortable despite the different designs.

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Dyson Zone Has Three Different ANC Modes

Dyson Zone
Source: Dyson

In addition to the air purifier, these headphones also have a noise-canceling feature that is already in the same class as today’s premium headphones. Dyson itself did not specify the diameter of the driver or other hardware specifications. Dyson claims these headphones can produce pure sound, according to the air exhaled from the visor, using neodymium magnets.

These headphones have three ANC level modes, namely Isolation, Conversation, and Transparency. The first mode serves to completely eliminate noise from outside. The second mode automatically activates when the visor is lowered when you want to chat with other people without having to take your headphones off. Meanwhile, the Transparency mode allows outside sounds to be heard for outdoor use. Users can connect the Dyson Zone to a smartphone with an additional application, as well as view air scores around the device.

For the battery, these headphones are claimed to be able to play music for up to 40 hours or 4.5 hours with the air purifier mode active at a minimum level. Charging is done via USB-C and within 20 minutes it can be charged to 60%. The Dyson Zone will go on sale next fall. For the price itself, it has not been announced until now.

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