Donda Stem Player, Gadgets Released by Kanye West and Kano

Donda Stem Player

The Donda Stem Player is a portable speaker that has compact in size and can be gripped in the palm of your hand. Donda itself is the name of the latest album from a rapper, Kanye West. Kanye West through the Yeezy Tech brand collaborates with a London-based hardware and accessories manufacturer, Kano, which has been established since 2013. The two collaborated and produced a unique gadget called the Donda Stem Player.

The device is made of an unusual material, not plastic or aluminum. Rather, it is made of a soft, cream-colored silicone material. There is access to buttons and connectivity that is quite complete around it. The front has four strip bars with RGB lighting effects and a button in the middle. The four strips are referred to as “touch-sensitive light sliders”. Users can use it as a control tool by simply sliding each part.

Donda Stem Player...

Instead of only being able to play stored songs, users can also mix songs directly through the four strips. Starting from controlling vocals and other instruments such as drums and bass, isolating certain parts, giving sound effects to cutting certain parts of a song. Not only that but the speed of the song to the looping effect can also be adjusted according to taste. If you feel you have made interesting song customization, you can save, and playback until you share the audio.

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Other Technical Specifications Donda Stem Player

This device is also equipped with a headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity. You can even play songs simultaneously through these two connections. There is also a USB-C port, speaker holes on the side, volume buttons, vibration motor, and 8GB of storage.

You can play audio in various formats, ranging from M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and MP4. And to be sure, this device already contains a digital copy of Kanye West’s latest album, Donda. Donda Stem Player supports connection to a computer. To perform processes such as adding content to software updates can be done directly through the browser. If you are interested in this gadget, you can get it for $200.


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