China’s Zhurong Rover Successfully Lands On Mars!

China Zhurong Rover Mars

On May 14, 2021, China managed to land their Mars rover, named Zhurong, on Mars. Now a video showing the seconds of the rover’s landing is published to the public.

CNSA (China National Space Administration) is known to have exhibited video and audio showing the process of landing their Zhurong on Mars. In the video, we can see how the rover performs the landing process and the appearance of the surface of the planet Mars.

CNSA also showed some photos of its Zhurong Rover when it landed on the surface of the planet Mars. It appears that this rover has a design that is quite similar to NASA’s Mars rover. But of course with some different mechanisms.

The process of sending video footage and photos from the Zhurong Rover is done by sending files to the Tianwen-1 satellite which is in Mars orbit and then forwarded to Earth. CNSA said that currently, their Rover Zhurong had traveled 236 meters. His party has a target so that the rover can explore areas of the planet Mars for 90 days. Even if there are no problems. Let’s just wait, what new things can be obtained by China in their research mission to the planet Mars.

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