Bose Releases Hearing Aids, Produces Quality Audiologists

Bose Hearing Aids.

Bose is known as one of the premium audio entertainment producers. Bose has been recognized worldwide for its quality and consistency of products since 1964. The quality is worth the price you pay. However, at this time you can not only get audio products. Because Bose just released a hearing aid. This also marks their official entry into the audio market for the deaf. That way, there is one more product line from Bose.

This is a new thing for Bose. Therefore, they need regulation from the authorities so that consumers are sure of the products they sell. The United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) eventually stamped the FDA-Cleared audio product with Bose.

In the early stages, the company will sell hearing aid products in a few US states only. The hearing aid product will go on sale on May 18th. The US states included in the sale of this product are Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.

Bose Hearing Aids Can Be Purchased Directly By Consumers

Bose Hearing Aids
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The FDA-Cleared regulation, allows them to sell directly to consumers. So that consumers no longer need to check with doctors, hearing tests, or process prescriptions first. This will help consumers who don’t have much time to do this series of processes.

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Why can they able to sell hearing aids directly? This happens because of the technology embedded in each product sold. Users only need to access the Bose Hear app, do fittings, and set up sound sensors. All that can be done through SoundControl Hearing Aids which has passed clinical trials. By adjusting the volume and treble and bass, the sound can be heard immediately in the ear.

“The Bose Hear app makes it easy for users to set up and customize SoundControl Hearing Aids from home, in less than an hour, to be connected and used immediately. It is an extraordinary achievement in an industry that has been missed so far, ”said Brian Maguire, Category Director of Bose Hear.

This hearing aid product is of course not cheap. Has a self-regulation feature. They sell this hearing aid for $849.95. This is comparable to the technological features of the product. Including the efficiency of time and money that must be spent if you go to the doctor first.

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