Blue Screen of Death Background Color Turns Black in Windows 11

Windows 11

Over the past decade, one of the most iconic things about the Windows operating system has been the Blue Screen of Death display. Occurs if our operating system has a problem or error. The most iconic thing about the Blue Screen of Death is the blue background color accompanied by error writing. In Windows 10 itself, the Blue Screen of Death appears with emoji :(, error writing, and QR Code.

However, it seems that the use of the word Blue Screen of Death will no longer apply in Windows 11. That’s because Microsoft has changed the background color of the error message to black.

Information related to the change in color to black was first reported by The Verge. Now the error message in Microsoft’s new operating system no longer displays blue. It appears that what has changed from this message is only the background color. As for messages up to ASCII emoji 🙁 is still the same as in Windows 10.

However, it is also seen that the QR Code displayed is still present with a mixture of white and blue. This is possible if this background color change is just a mistake. How? Do you like it better? blue background or black color?

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