Being Leaked Samsung Phones Can Be Folded Three

Being Leaked Samsung Phones Can Be Folded Three

Samsung is one of the pioneers of the trend of folding mobile phones. In the future, Samsung foldable phones will be more diverse. Recently, the South Korean manufacturer is known to have patented a foldable phone. This is a foldable phone with a screening mechanism that can be folded into three parts.

The patent was filed by Samsung with China’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in November 2020. The patent was later released by WIPO on June 3, 2021. When viewed from the design, the front of the cell phone at a glance looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 cell phone that Samsung launched in August 2020. It’s just that, instead of just one, there are two hinges that unite the three parts of the screen.

Being Leaked Samsung Phones Can Be Folded Three

The patent also shows that the phone screen can be stretched horizontally. So the shape of the device looks like a tablet. The folding mechanism is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This patent also shows off the shape of the phone from all sides. On the back, there are 3 rear cameras arranged vertically.

While on the front, the phone in the patent design has thin bezels and a punch-hole. This punch-hole serves to accommodate the selfie camera which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Samsung also seems to be adding another camera module placed on one of the screen hinges. Similar to how Huawei treats its Mate XS foldable phone. As compiled from Phone Arena, on the right side of the screen there is a speaker module and a USB-C port.

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Interestingly, this patent also shows that the screen hinge can be adjusted to any angle the user wants. By activating DeX mode, this device can allegedly be folded like a desktop display. It is not yet certain whether the design will actually be realized. However, back in May, Samsung had showcased a similar design in a video so there is a possibility that the device will materialize.


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