Beats Fit Pro: Got an H1 Chip, Better Than AirPods Pro?

Beats Fit pro

AirPods 3 is unquestionable quality. But now there is a new device, the Beats Fit Pro, which is predicted to have better quality. Previously, Beats (now owned by Apple) had released affordable wireless earphones, namely the Beats Studio Buds. But this time it’s different, the price is more expensive, the features are more complete, and it brings various advantages from the AirPods Pro. It’s much smaller than the Powerbeats Pro.

Beats Fit Pro Supports Spatial Audio

Sold at a lower price than AirPods Pro, Beats Fit Pro actually has several advantages. This can be seen from its more minimalist design, without stems and equipped with wingtips. Uniquely, the wingtip cannot be removed, even though the rubber material is claimed to be very strong. Unlike the Galaxy Buds, which can be detached.

Beats Fit pro

Beats claims to have used thousands of ear prints to create a wingtip that fits everyone. While the eartips can still be replaced or removed. The buttons on each outer side of the Beats Fit Pro can be used for various shortcuts, which can be adjusted via the application on the smartphone.

This device is IPX4 certified. As for the audio quality, there are 9.5mm drivers on each earbud. Spatial Audio support and dynamic head tracking are also available for the experience of listening to music or watching videos. Active Noise Cancellation on TWS is also claimed to be exactly the same as AirPods Pro. Including the transparent mode which can be considered the best TWS gold standard today. with the H1 chip, this device can be paired easily.

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Longer Battery Life

Beats Fit pro

The Wear Detection feature can automatically stop and resume songs when the device is picked up. There is also an Adaptive EQ feature that automatically optimizes sound based on sensors that detect the type of ear hole of each user. In total, there are six microphones split across both eartips. So that the best call quality is guaranteed, complete with wind noise reduction.

Even though it comes without a stem, the battery life is actually longer. Once you hear it non-stop, this device can play songs for up to 6 hours using the ANC feature and 7 hours without ANC. While the case is quite small, it can provide additional power for up to 21 hours. The simplification of the AirPods Pro lies in its charging. Already using USB-C, but without wireless charging. Comes in four color variants namely Stone Purple, Sage Gray, White, and Black. The Beats Fit Pro is already on sale online in the United States and retails for $199.99.

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