Backbone One – PlayStation Edition: Gaming Controller for iPhone

Backbone One PlayStation Edition

Recently, Sony released a game controller, namely Backbone One – PlayStation Edition which is specially designed for iPhone devices. Through this accessory, the iPhone will look like a Nintendo witch or PSVita. Quoted from the PlayStation blog, this controller is a product of Sony’s collaboration with the game controller company, Backbone.

The design is inspired by the PlayStation 5’s DualSense stick. Elegant colors, materials, and finishes are all inspired by the design of the PS5 console’s DualSense wireless controller. Down to the transparent face button and the floating and distinctive visual appearance,” wrote PlayStation.

Can Play PlayStation 5 Games

According to Backbone CEO, Maneet Khaira, this controller also comes with buttons that make playing comfortably like using a PS5 controller. Users can connect the Backbone One-PlayStation Edition with a Pulse 3D headset. Maneet said users can use this controller to play PS4 or PS5 games via the Remote Play application. With an internet connection, users only need to connect their iPhone to Backbone One and play PS5 games right away.

This controller also has dedicated PlayStation buttons and Xbox analog stick settings to suit iPhone models. In addition, users can stream games from PS4 and PS5 via Remote Play. Apart from PS games, this device is also compatible with a number of games on the App Store and game streaming services that support the controller. Among them are Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact, and so on.

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Backbone One – PlayStation Edition Price

Backbone One PlayStation Edition
Source: Backbone

The Backbone One controller retails for US$99.99. It is more expensive than the price of the DualSense controller which sells for US$69.99. The device will be available in the United States, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Later, this controller will also be available for more countries.

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