Apple Will Eliminate Notch on iPhone 14?

iPhone 14

After the iPhone 13 was released, now all the attention and rumors turned to the iPhone 14. Reportedly this smartphone will be present without a notch on the front screen. A well-known leaker named Jon Prosser has started talking about this smartphone since last September. He shared a series of renders of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In a recent report, Jon said that Apple will remove the front camera notch and replace it with a punch hole. Instead, Apple will replace the notch with a hole-punch like the Samsung Galaxy S21 for the front camera. However, not all iPhone 14s don’t have a notch.

This is like a tweet from MacRumors, he said that Apple didn’t completely remove the notch on all types of iPhone 14. But then the post was deleted. Even Jon also agreed with the post.

iPhone 14.

The Plus and Pro models always have advantages over the standard models, one of which is in terms of design. For example, in 2017, Apple released the iPhone X and iPhone 8 with different designs. The iPhone X has a notch, while the iPhone 8 doesn’t. The iPhone X itself is the debut of the iPhone to appear with a notch.

iPhone 14 Screen will Not be Full

Not only that, but another rumor also says that the iPhone 14 will not have a Touch ID under the screen. As we all know, rumors regarding under-display biometric technology on iPhones have been circulating for years. To achieve the full-screen surface, Apple does have to place the camera and sensor under the screen. But it looks like it’s still not ready.

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Indeed, from the rumors circulating, it can’t be concluded from the facts about what the iPhone 14 will look like. With the launch time still long, there will be a lot of rumors about the iPhone 14. In the end, time will tell the truth of the rumors circulating.

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