Apple Watch Will Have a New Version in 2021 and Tougher?

Apple Watch

Allreviewgadget – Apple has entered the smartwatch market since 2015. They named their smartwatch, Apple Watch. Apple has become the smartwatch trendsetter in the world. Smartwatches from Apple have always had an elegant design and are loved by many.

Apple has been a pioneer in producing high-tech products. They continue to strive to improve the performance of each of their products. Currently, Apple is not only considering features but also wants to provide a robust design in all types of weather.

More Tough Design

Apple Watch features
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Based on a report from Bloomberg, Apple is currently internally discussing the release of a tough version of the Apple Watch that can withstand all kinds of extreme weather. They are also considering a rubber exterior that will be more resistant to scratches. Apple is considering a release as soon as the end of 2021 or 2022.

The new smartwatch from Apple is planned to offer similar functions to the regular Apple Watch. It’s just that, the design that is owned will be tougher. The report also says that there will be a new pool tracking feature for their new Apple Watch.

With some added durability and features to the Apple Watch, it is hoped that their new smartwatch can match the durability of Casio’s G-Shock watches. Although the existing smartwatches are very popular, both for sports and having water resistance of up to 50 meters, they are still considered not durable enough to keep up with extreme sports such as water skiing.

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Apple has considered releasing a tougher version of its smartwatch, following the release of its first model in 2015. However, the plans have not yet made it to the public. When released, these powerful models will be offered alongside traditional Apple Watch models, similar to the Apple Watch SE.

It is predicted that Apple will release its latest smartwatch design in the second half of 2021. Their latest smartwatch can improve the performance of users in activities, especially in diving. will always give you something update about gadgets, like smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. We hope you enjoy our review about gadgets. Thank you for your support and your comment.

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