Apple Warning, “iPad and Mac Will Be Rare Items”


Apple is one of the companies affected by global chip scarcity. As a result, Apple predicts iPad and Mac production will be disrupted. The stock of iPads and Macs on the market will decrease.

What Problems Is Apple Facing?


Apple CEO Tim Cook said the main problem facing the company is the “legacy nodes” chip that uses legacy manufacturing methods. It’s not the high-end chips that power their devices. He did not explain what components were in low stock. But Apple bought a lot of “legacy nodes” chips for sending data to the display, sending power to the camera, decoding audio, and managing the battery.

Quoted from Business Insider, Cook said “a large part of our problem is licensing these legacy nodes. There are many different people who are not in just one industry. But in other industries using legacy nodes. “

Apple CFO, Luca Maestri predicts Apple will lose revenue of USD 3 – 4 billion in the third quarter of 2021. This is due to the scarcity of stock iPad and Mac in the market. “It’s a combination of scarcity as well as a very high level of demand that we’re seeing for the iPad and Mac,” said Maestri.

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To investors, Maestri said iMac had the highest sales in the last three quarters in the history of desktop sales. This has been driven by the pandemic which has resulted in many people having to work from home and buy better work tools.

The company has announced its financial statements for the second quarter of 2021. Apple recorded revenues of USD 89.6 billion, up 54% over the same period the previous year. Of the total, USD 48 billion came from iPhone sales, up 66% compared to last year. In addition, sales of Macs and iPads experienced a drastic increase in the quarter, up 70% and 78%.

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