Apple Uses Galaxy S21 To Advertise The Latest Beats Studio Buds

Apple Uses Galaxy S21 To Advertise The Latest Beats Studio Buds

Apple rarely displays products from its competitors, unless they want to do a comparison. Therefore, Apple’s move to display the Samsung Galaxy S21 in an advertisement for its newest product, Beats Studio Buds, is surprising.

The selection of the Galaxy S21 is quite surprising considering that Apple often features older Android phones in promotional material to then compare it to the latest iPhone. For example, at the recent WWDC event, Apple announced that FaceTime can now be accessed on Android phones. But in their presentation, they featured the iPhone 12 paired with an unnamed Android phone.

Apple uses Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone to let consumers know if the Beats Studio Buds can also be used on Android devices. However, Apple still advises Beats Studio Buds buyers to use Apple products. This is in order to get the best experience when using their TWS device.

“Beats Studio Buds brings the one-touch pairing to Apple and Android. For Apple devices, this feature is built-in in iOS. So there is no need for additional applications,” wrote the description.

For your information, Beats is an audio company that was acquired by Apple in 2014. Currently, Beats is quite helpful for Apple in presenting audio products such as AirPods to HomePods.

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So, in one ad Apple tries to entice Android users to buy their newest product. After entering the Apple ecosystem, it is easier for Android users to be tempted to switch to iPhone.


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