Apple TV 4K 2021, Comes With New Remote Design and A12 Bionic

Apple TV 4K 2021

Apple released their latest home device, namely Apple TV 4K 2021. In today’s pandemic situation where many people enjoy home entertainment. This is a good time for Apple’s part to release the device. This device is the successor of the previous series that has been around for 4 years. Now comes with a whole new remote.

Apple prides itself on the ability of these devices to stream video content in a higher quality. Although the previous generation already supports 4K content with HDR, including Dolby Vision. However, it still doesn’t support high refresh rates, and many consumers have complained about navigating with its remote control.

Apple TV 4K 2021, Use A12 Bionic Processor

Apple TV 4K 2021.
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In order to display high video quality, Apple uses chips from the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, namely the Apple A12 Bionic. This chip makes Apple TV 4K 2021 support high frame rate HDR content with Dolby Vision up to 60fps. Not only that, but Apple is also preparing its ecosystem.

Apple also works with major video streaming service providers such as FOX Sport, NBCUniversal to Paramount +. AirPlay mode also supports the same quality, so iPhone 12 Pro users can see their recordings in the best view. Users can calibrate the television display using only a supported iPhone. Apple TV 4K 2021 will take data from the light sensor on the iPhone (already using Face ID), and automatically adjust the contrast and color to be more accurate.

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Another improvement is a completely new remote design. Has a silver color appearance and black buttons. The top clickpad area now has a circular four-way navigation button. This section can also be played like an old iPod. Navigates to specific minutes in a film with more precision. The microphone button for voice commands is placed on the right side of the body. Apple added two new buttons, power and mute, to turn on the TV and mute the sound instantly. Thicker dimensions, with aluminum material. However, Apple claims to be more comfortable in the hand.


This device can be ordered from April 30. Available in more than 30 countries and regions by mid-May. Apple TV 4K 2021 retails for $179. As for the HD-only variant, it sells for $149. The latest Siri Remote sold separately, retails for $59, is compatible with previous-generation devices.


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