Apple Sued Over Claims to Exaggerate iPhone Water Resistance


A lawsuit was filed on April 24, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Listed as a “class action complaint”. Antoinette Smith as the plaintiff claims that Apple has overestimated the iPhone’s waterproof capabilities.

According to a lawsuit filed in US District Court, Apple’s claims in promoting its products do not match reality. Like most other smartphone vendors, Apple has also added a statement about the waterproof product on the iPhone. The company says that this resilience has increased in recent years.

Then, a few days ago there were reports of an iPhone being found in a lake after it had drowned for a few months. Miraculously, the respective iPhones were working.

But the lawsuit filed last week claims that Apple is overestimating the water-resistance of its devices. The allegations have been registered as a class action with Antoinette Smith as the plaintiff and representing everyone in the same case.

Apple Exaggerates The Water Resistance of The iPhone


The lawsuit has 13 pages and is all about the issue of Apple products being water-resistant. One of them is the iPhone 7 which is said to have received an IP67 certificate.  Can reach a maximum depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

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There is also a statement regarding the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max which are claimed to have IP68 certification for water-resistance of up to 4 meters for 390 minutes. There is an iPhone 12 that is declared water-resistant to a depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes.

The lawsuit says that, although all cell phones meet water resistance requirements, laboratory test certification is different from testing in a pool or ocean. This means that in the real world where the water might not be that clean, it could break the phone. If the smartphone is splashed by water or accidentally submerged, then Apple’s waterproof claim does not apply. This is because the water is not the same as the water in the lab, where the water contains chlorine or salt.

The lawsuit also addresses Apple’s policy of not accepting damage due to certain liquids such as juice or coffee. Because this liquid can change the contact indicator to red. Thus, Apple can reject the warranty submitted by consumers.

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